And Off We Go!

Free BDSM Community Download

Wasteland has been around since 1994 producing compelling and award winning bdsm and fetish photos and movies ever since.

Now we are embarking on this very special project for the bdsm, fetish and alt-sex communities.

A “Virtual World” that truly blows open the doors and kicks down the boundaries for kinky people to be able to hook up in a safe, same, consensual and protected environment.

Our Dungeon Master, Simon Blackthorn will be posting news as we schedule new events, film festivals, fetish parties and a host of other very kinky and wonderful activities that are part of this environment.

If you are new to the “virtual world” paradigm, give it a try. It’s free and you have the ability to meet literally 500,000 members of the Utherverse World that Virtual Wasteland is a part of.

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