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Meet Some of our Kinky Play Partners in Virtual.Wasteland!

What is a Working Girl/Guy?

Take full advantage of Wasteland Virtual within RLC and connect with a Working Girl (or Guy). These are REAL members in-world who offer virtual erotic sessions to men and women, and in some cases the opportunity for more intimate encounters with web-cam shows and voice encounters over Skype or phone.

Working Girls/Guys are knowledgeable, passionate and experienced people who love what they do, and will take the time to understand what you want. You can be completely anonymous, or reveal as much about your true self as you desire, so there is no need to be embarrassed or shy about revealing your most secret longings.

So if I can be anonymous, then how do I know who I am talking to! They could be anybody! The answer is to contact a VERIFIED Working Girl/Guy. Verified means that they have submitted documentation that proves that their photo and personal details accurately describe who they are.

Ok, yes! That sounds totally hot! But how do I meet someone that I get along with? How do I approach them? What do I say?
You can find Working Girls/Guys in many places in-world. Look for their badge (their avatar will say \”working girl/guy\” over their head), and don’t hesitate to say hello. The WG will probably invite you to move to private chat (and if you are new, show you how to do that), to discuss further details. Just be friendly, polite, and remember that you are talking to a real person who is there to have fun, just like you!

A more focused way to meet a WG is to go to and check out the WG Directories. Here you can browse the WG personal profiles, check out their reviews and even look at a Top Ten list. Just send your selected WG a private message or email to set up a date, and you are on your way!

Saphyre Rose - AEVC Best Verified WG 2012

View my WG page
to contact me, and check out my reviews. I’ll be waiting :)
Read her profile and reviews


As a Verified Working Girl, I am here to help you live out your desires, fantasies, and explore new ones. I provide erotic services in the safety of a virtual environment that allows you to retain your anonymity and privacy. With the utmost discretion, I can help you explore fantasies that you have not yet acted out (or cannot in the real world), and introduce you to new ones. As my motto says, I am “bound to serve”.

I am very submissive with my real life partner, and bring this to my erotic services as well.I have been in the virtual environment for four years and along the way have discovered some unexpected interests. Being a domme is relatively new to me and I discover I am quite fitting to it. I can bind you, tease and deny release of you, and correct you. And, if you are very well behaved, who knows what might be possible! My age, gender, and pictures are all verified. You know you are spending time with an actual well versed and erotic woman. From the mild to the dark and extreme side of kink, come explore it all with me. I’m moist at the thought of showing you.

And her Partner, Eros   AEVC Best Verified WG 2012

View my WG page now,and get in touch with me so your adventures
into the erotic realm of BDSM can begin.
As a Verified Working Guy (WG) I am here to fulfill desires a woman might not be able to in real life. In the safety of Wasteland Virtual, you can unlock your hidden passions and let go of inhibitions. This is the place to explore long held fantasies without fear of being found out. I bring a wealth of “real life” sexual bdsm and swinger experience and adventures with me to this world, and I would love to share them with you. Everyone has at least one “dirty little secret’…..Share your fantasy with me and let me instruct you, bind you, discipline you, lead you on a journey that can have no end. You will meet a wild variety of people in-world and make many friends! But when you want assurance about the person you are thinking of submitting to, VERIFIED means that I have submitted documentation proving my gender, age and pictures. You can be sure that you are spending time with the real me, virtually. View my WG page now, and get in touch with me so your adventures into the erotic realm of BDSM can begin.

The Darker Side of Desire in 3D.

Explore in the safety of the virtual world – then connect with others in the real world!


1. Download free software
2. Create a free account when download finishes
3. Start exploring the 3D world

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